Murthy: “I told Rubiales: ‘What the hell am I doing here?’, and in the end the whole green field”

Murthy: "Le dije a Rubiales: '¿Qué coño hago yo aquí?', y al final todo el campo verde"

Murthy: "I told Rubiales: 'What the hell am I doing here?', and in the end the whole green field"

In a new chapter of the audios of anil murtypresident of Valencia, who has published the diary super sport the growing tension between the entity che and the RFEF is revealed. “Rubiales insisted on me in the meeting with the two presidents for the final (of the Copa del Rey) in Madrid on how to distribute the tickets, parking, securities… What the hell am I doing here? I have work, what am I doing here when I have my colleagues to talk about these operations. He was very angry. This day in La Cartuja, 35 percent to Valencia, the rest all belonged to Betis. The whole green field.” These audios explain the absence of the president of Valencia in the meeting with his counterpart Ángel Haro, from Betis, and Luis Rubiales.

These audios also reveal the line to follow for Valencia in the dispute with the Federation over the “arbitrary” economic distribution of the Spanish Super Cup in Arabia. “I’m paying a lot of money to the lawyers to pay for this, it’s a matter of honor, they changed the format from two to four during the season, hThree years ago I told Rubiales at the official dinner (of the Cup final) that I can go to the Camp Nou to play but two teams, not four.”

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