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Lecteur musical écran verrouillé iOS 16

The presentation of iOS 16 last month lifted the veil on a lock screen with tenfold capabilities. Now you can change the font of the clock or add your own widgets. Among the controls available here, we already knew those generated by music playback via AppleMusicSpotify, Soundcloud or other third-party platforms.

With iOS 16, this interface changes: the card which previously occupied only a small part of the diagonal is now much more imposing, giving pride of place to superb album covers of your favorite artists. From Adam’s outfit Nevermind (Nirvana) photographed by Kirk Weddle in costumes by Tommy Nutter for Abbey Road (The Beatles) through the cover of Murphy’s Law (Angèle) signed Charlotte Abramow, the result is guaranteed.

Convenient for little hands!

The buttons to skip to the next or previous tracks are also now installed at the bottom of the slab, which makes it easier to touch them, especially if you have an iPhone 13 Pro Max. The mobile indeed offers an imposing diagonal of 6.7 inches with an excellent size / screen ratio, which could complicate the task under iOS 15 and with other versions.

Note that still on the design side, the wallpaper you have chosen will be left aside here in favor of a color gradient which recalls the tones of those of the jacket. However, just tap the bottom of the screen to return to your original image and minimize the music player at the same time.

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Install now

The new lock screen music player on iOS 16 is only offered under certain conditions. There are two scenarios:

To find out which iPhones are compatible, check out this list. Warning though: avoid testing iOS 16 on your everyday iPhone, as bugs can occur. As a precaution, it is therefore better with this kind of material to wait until the final version which arrives this fall.

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