LifeStyle Relationships Nacho admitted that there was infidelity in his marriage

Nacho admitted that there was infidelity in his marriage


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Venezuelan Nacho confesses that he was unfaithful to Inger Devera, but that this was not the cause of the separation

The singer Nacho Mendoza It is still news, because this time the former member of the duo “Chyno and Nacho” He confessed that there was infidelity in his marriage with whoever was his wife and mother of three of his five children, Inger Mendoza. However, he clarified that that was not what caused the separation.

On the other hand, he talked about his new relationship with the model and presenter Melany Mille and the birth of his newest daughter Mya michelle, who is also his first girl, since the previous children are all boys. He claimed that his new partner has nothing to do with the breakup, as he is Inger They had already decided to separate but had not made it public.

“During our relationship there was infidelity. Be careful, during our relationship, not that our relationship ended because of infidelity. I say this because I like to be honest, I don’t have to lie. If I with my ex-partner overcame that infidelity situation and we continue trying everything that has to be done to prosper as a couple, because I am not afraid to say clearly that there were failures, my failures, her failures “said the singer to Hola USA, the only outlet he gave the exclusive to talk about this. He also appears with his current partner on the cover of the latest edition of the medium.

On the other hand, he added that the explanation was given by his fans, who still care about him and because he believes he deserves to tell them how things happened. “I’m just trying to make them understand this whole story a little better “, said while affirming that a Melany it affected him a lot that they crossed out to be “the other” and they will attack her through social networks. Nacho He said he tried to keep her away from criticism because “He doesn’t deserve them”.

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There’s no doubt Nacho He is an artist with a long history and with a lot of love for his followers who have supported him since the beginning of his career and that is why “He felt the need to clarify certain things”. Neither Inger Mendoza, nor his current partner, Melany Mille they have spoken about it.



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- Advertisement -Nacho admitted that there was infidelity in his marriageNacho admitted that there was infidelity in his marriage

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- Advertisement -Nacho admitted that there was infidelity in his marriageNacho admitted that there was infidelity in his marriage

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