“Neighbors” says goodbye to “Benito Rivers” with an emotional tribute

"Neighbors" says goodbye to "Benito Rivers" with an emotional tribute

Season 12 of the popular Televisa series “Neighbors” began this Sunday with a heartbreaking episode that moved the public to tears, as “Benito Rivers” was remembered at every moment, a character played by actor Octavio Ocaña, who died last October 29, 2021.

Despite what had been rumored, in the tribute there were no unpublished scenes recorded by Ocaña, although the way in which the plot was carried out was satisfactory for the public, who ended up thanking the work presented on social networks and in which the memory of a person with an incomparable angel.

Initially, in the story it was mentioned that Benito had stayed in a series “that is going to bring him closer to the stars”, this as part of a plot in which he had supposedly done a casting and had kept the role, despite that he never wanted to be an actor.

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