neither science fiction nor horror

neither science fiction nor horror

neither science fiction nor horror

The league will get on time just a month before finishing. Barca Y Lightningwhich had a pending match since matchday 21 (December 22), they will play at last his crash number 33. It cost (follow the match live on The meeting has been pushed four months. First, for that Seville-Barça which was postponed due to the absence of the South American internationals. And later, for the Super Cup, the Athletic-Barça de Copa and the surprising and admirable performance of Rayo in the tournament.

That must be thinking the Ray at this hour. It should have been playing yesterday the cup final in Seville, from which he was millimeters away. Or the Barcawhich until last night was the defending champion of the competition. The Barça reality, however, is different; and Xavi explained it well yesterday. It’s not science fiction, as was thought after the Bernabéu; nor of terror, as it came to be in November. Now the team plays to open a gap almost definitive that secure the Champions. If he wins, he will leave Betis nine points behind. The Lightningmeanwhile, will strive to Ward off finally the decline. Apparently, he has a wide safety cushion (Granada occupies the last relegation place with 30 points), but he already remembered Martin Dam who a few years ago ended up saving themselves with a goal from Tamudo after flirting with drama with 40 points.

Barça and Rayo are tired, but the two fought their way through on Thursday. those of the Stripe, to beat Espanyol. And those of Xavi, to get out of the Royal Sand, where they gave burnout symptoms confirmed in the physical problems Piqué, Araújo, Alba and Alves. The extra effort was worth it, because Barça took precious loot that turns the subtitle, which gives access to the controversial Super Cupin it actual goal it’s from the season. It can help you at the same aubameyangwho has scored nine goals in LaLiga since his arrival and is four short of the giant’s ‘record’ Zigic, what marked 13 in the 2008-09 season with the Racing after arriving in winter. Xavi has asked for the support of the people, but to get 91,648 spectators into the Camp Nou, he still needs to stop skidding like those of the Eintracht and the Cadiz and play football like angels like Alexia and company do.




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