Nerva EXE, the electric scooter that breaks barriers

Nerva EXE, the electric scooter that breaks barriers

The new mobility no emissions admits different interpretations and the one that nerve proposes points to vehicles agile but solvent and with advanced features to meet the needs of demanding customers. It is a Spanish company, owned 50% by the Chinese giant BYD and a fully national staff, who have worked to start, next March, the launch of their first product, the EXE scooter.

Unlike most options in the segment, the exe adheres faithfully to the typology of a scooter in Gran Turismo format. That is, it is not a simple set intended for urban commuting, but rather has the makings of a authentic GT comparable to other 300cc models, although in his case the electric motorization used is equivalent to the regulations of the 125cc, including the possibility of driving it with the permit B of car (provided they are over 21 years old and have had a three-year license).

Its design is forceful and attractive, with sharp forms, a generous two seater saddle, an aerodynamic protection screen that covers the rider well and 15-inch wheels on the front axle and 14 on the rear. In fact, derived from a 300cc model marketed in the Chinese market, which guarantees the solvency of a vehicle capable of convincing beyond the urban environment.

Improvable details

the height of the saddle to ground is 800 millimeters, making it accessible for motorcyclists from a medium size. Getting to the ground well with both feet is appreciated, because the EXE has a weight of 202 kilos, which are not too many considering that the battery already provides 60 of them, although they are still significant when driving the vehicle in tight spaces, so common in city traffic. Of course, it has reverse pressing a button on the handlebar, which will facilitate maneuvers when stationary or parking.

The overall quality of this first Nerva is correct in terms of equipment and finishes, although it has improvable details. They are small easy to replace items and this will be done little by little, to obtain a much rounder product: the contact looks like something out of a 1970s component warehouse, some push buttons have a improvable touch, the activation of the indicators lacks automatic return, the opening of the saddle and the loading lid is not very functional… Anyway, nuances that remain below of the general approach of the EXE.

Because, otherwise, enjoy a LED lighting complete, a generous space under the saddle (fits a full face helmet and a second open type), a digital screen with connection to a proprietary application of the brand (to be released soon), combined braking and with regenerative function or passenger footrests good size and retractable in the bodywork.

Digital instrumentation screen, next to two clocks.

A differentiating battery

The motor of the Nerva Exe is centrally placed, not on the rear wheel as in other models in the segment. The brand does not communicate its origin, although it does communicate its performance: it has a peak power of 12 kW (16.1 hp) and net of 9 kW (12.1 hp). With these data, it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 125km/h, which allows us to safely face intercity or road travel, even on the highway.

However the real added value of this model is in your battery. It has been developed by BYD (the company that is also in charge of the scooter assembly in China) exclusively for its Spanish partners and uses a advanced lithium ion technology but through a chemical process of energy production of ferro-phosphate, which is more efficient and guarantee higher life cycle for their cells.

Battery charging socket behind the front shield.

The battery capacity is 5.76 kWh (two modules of 2.88) and recharges to 100% in a domestic plug in 4 hours and 20 minutes, reducing this time by one hour to reach 80%. The brand predicts a battery life (with a 20% capacity drop) during 6,000 cycles of cargo, with a guarantee of five years (three for the scooter assembly). The battery is not removable, cannot be removed from the scooter for charging at home or work, so the user must have a point where to directly connect the motorcycle.

In addition, the recalled batteries of the scooters will enjoy a second Life for stationary use. Through the agreement between Nerva and the EKI Foundation, these units will be transferred to africa places without access to electricity to fulfill the function of accumulators by capturing energy solar panels. The donation from the Spanish company aims to involve the users themselves, that through an application they will be able to know where has it been installed the battery they previously used on their bike.

a real scooter

Running, it checks that the Exe clearly differs of other similar proposals in its price range. It’s a real scooter, with wheels, suspensions and, above all, a chassis typical of a mid-displacement model, which gives it a dynamic poise noteworthy.

The combined braking It has that special touch on the lever so common in the electric models that regenerate energy, although it fulfills the task of stopping where it corresponds to a group that not so light like a conventional scooter. The driving posture it’s comfortable, and the passenger seat looks comfortable too (couldn’t test the Exe with a second occupant).

Dispose of three driving modes that influence both performance and autonomy. The most conservative is Echo, that takes the range up to 150 kilometers although at the cost of not exceeding 50 km/h; below is the Normal, with 115 kilometers of autonomy and a tip of 80 km/h; lastly, the Sport It thoroughly squeezes the performance of the electric motor to reach 125 km/h but limits its radius of action to 75 kilometers.

The Echo is ideal for move in the congested streets of the big city, with softer and more manageable responses. At opposite end is he Sport, enough to drive on highways bypass, highways and even access highways to cities.

Good to know that engine management provides a battery protection system, capable of reducing benefits if the demands imply an excessive deterioration of its capacity. That is, the programming slow down the propeller when detecting that the use can cause a harmful overheating for the cells of the stack.

The dynamic poise of the Nerva is above the average for the segment.

The ‘rental’ formula

The Nerva Exe will arrive at Spanish dealers (the network is still in the process of formation) of the main cities throughout throughout the month of March. The base price of the model is 6,930 euros, from which the Plan Moves grants can be deducted in those autonomous communities where they are available.

In addition, the company offers a interesting financial product from leasing of the battery. Customers who choose it will pay only €4,480 (no Moves discount) and will pay for five years 39.90 euros per month for battery rental. After that time, the user you can buy a new battery for your scooter or continue cin the rental format for five more years.

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