Netflix’s ‘Tinder Scammer’ Denies Accusations, Says He Made His Fortune With Bitcoin

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Netflix's 'Tinder Scammer' Denies Accusations, Says He Made His Fortune With Bitcoin By Hannah Perez

Simon Leviev, from the hit documentary “The Tinder Scammer,” denies falsifying his identity and tricking women into his fortune. Instead, he claims to have invested early in Bitcoin.


The protagonist of the acclaimed Netflix documentary, The Tinder Swindlertranslated into Spanish as “The Tinder scammer“Simon Leviev, who would have defrauded several women for hundreds of thousands of dollars, has broken his silence to deny the accusations against him and reveal that he is an investor in Bitcoin.

In recent weeks, the Israeli Shimon Hayut (alias Simon Leviev) has become the center of attention after the premiere of the documentary on Netflix. The feature film, which was released earlier this month, follows the story of Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjöholm and Ayleen Charlotte, three scam victims who allege that the young man manipulated them to jointly steal close to USD $500,000.

In all three cases, they detail that they met Leviev through the popular dating application Tinder, where he presented himself as the son of Russian-Israeli diamond tycoon Lev Leviev. Initially, he invited them on extravagant dates, such as a ride on his private jet, and gave them lavish gifts to gain his trust and affection. All to borrow money from them and then leave them with millionaire debts.

The film, which has been very successful, not only shows the accusations of the three victims. He also revealed that the Israeli has numerous open criminal charges in his native country, where he is wanted by the courts for various crimes related to fraud. Leviev was sentenced to 15 months in prison on theft, forgery and fraud charges in 2019, but was released five months later.

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Leviev says he bought Bitcoin in 2011

Despite being the star of the acclaimed Netflix show, Leviev refused to participate in the filming of the documentary. However, in the midst of the fame of the film, he has decided to finally break the silence and share his vision of the events.

In an exclusive interview with the news outlet Inside Editionthe handsome manipulator denied the accusations and claimed to be alegitimate businessman. He said that his wealth is the result of an early investment of Bitcoinwhen the flagship cryptocurrency was worth much less than USD $50 a unit.

I bought Bitcoin in 2011, which [entonces no valía] nothing, I don’t need to say how much it’s worth now.

The 31-year-old did not provide details on the number of bitcoin that has. While the An investigation produced by Netflix estimates that Leviev has financed his extravagant lifestyle by stealing close to $10 million from his victims.

During the interview, in which he was directly asked about the accusations in the documentary, Leviev expressed surprise at the number of girls who had allegedly offered him money or agreed to travel with him without meeting him in person. I’m not that monster that everyone has created”, he specified.

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He added that the three women who appear in the documentary were not “ripped off” neither “threatened” while saying that he did not feel bad for what they alleged he had done to them. Instead, she pointed out that she feels bad about what she had happened to him. She also expressed her desire to clear his name.

“I am not a fraud and I am not a scammer. People don’t know me, so they can’t judge me.”, said. “I am the greatest gentleman in the world.”

Leveraging fame to make money

A second part of the interview Inside Edition revealed that, amid the controversy, Leviev has been taking advantage of the documentary’s fame to make some money. The man told the outlet that he has partnered with the app. cameo to record greetings and personal messages, such as birthday wishes, for USD $199 each.

In addition, it has also signed agreements to turn their story into a book, a reality show and a movie in Hollywoodthis last project announced that it is currently in process. We’re working on a movie based on my life, something like ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. I got some offers”, he told the media.

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Meanwhile, Leviev is reportedly continuing to lead a life of luxury despite being exposed by Netflix. (The notoriety of the documentary caused Tinder and other dating apps will block you). In accordance with Inside EditionLeviev has been spotted at a Ferrari dealership looking at $200,000+ sports cars and one of his jackets gucci it sells for $2,600.

In any case, it seems that the Israeli is not the only one who is looking to earn some money from fame. A movie-inspired cryptocurrency project and based on Binance SmartChain (BSC) was recently launched: Tinder Swindler Token (TST). It is unknown if Leviev is behind the crypto project, which also promises to offer tokens non-expendable (NFT) to fans of the show.

For now, the whole thing looks like some sort of elaborate matryoshka of scams Behind each layer there seems to be a new one.

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Article by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

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