Never-before-seen revelations about new MacBooks in October

Logo Apple noir sur fond gris

Assuming with a high probability that Apple will hold a keynote in October to present the latest generation tablets and computers, the models in question remain rather vague. A report just published by the specialist in the file, DigiTimeshowever, gives us some additional clues.

We thus learn that the suppliers of the apple firm are preparing for deliveries scale, intended for MacBook Pro collections. Which seems to fit with previous rumors that the 14-inch edition on sale right now is about to be renewed, along with its 16-inch big brother.

Stocks on the decline?

DigiTimes also tells us that current MacBook Pro sales are already calming down, a sign that the public also believes in the arrival of their successors. Impossible to verify with certainty, but you should know that it is also not uncommon for Apple itself to choose to slow down the production rate in anticipation of the release of future products. The firm’s online store should also close upstream, as often.

The Taiwanese media also mentions another surprise, which concerns the AirPods Pro. These would be victims of the same trend, even though their second version saw the light of day at the start of the month. Surprising, but remember that the headsets are not officially available today. This will only be the case on Friday the 23rd, which is tomorrow exactly.

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New chips, same design

The format of the 16-inch MacBook Pro and 14-inch MacBook Pro having already changed last year, it is assumed that thenotch and the fairly thin borders will still be there in 2022. We bet that it will be the same for the HDMI port and for the MagSafe connection.

No, it is rather under the hood that the main improvement would hide. We should discover for the first time the M2 Pro and M2 Max processors, the results of which promise, unsurprisingly, to be particularly efficient. A taste is to be found in the MacBook Air M2 and the MacBook Pro M2 which arrived a little earlier.

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