Never put these things in your room

Jamás pongas estas cosas en tu cuarto

Did you know that the decoration in your room can drastically affect your luck in love? I discovered this in my María Marín Live Show when I invited the Feng Shui specialist Alfonso León, and although I already knew about this technique, what he revealed so amazed my followers that today this video has more than 7 million visits on my Facebook.

According to Alfonso León it is very important to pay attention to every detail that we put in our room because they will attract or on the contrary frighten love since Feng Shui seeks balance and harmony in people’s lives through decoration. So take note of their recommendations so that you can change your energy and finally find love.

  • Say goodbye to fish tanks, fountains and paintings that your drawing is with water, according to Feng Shui water generates tears and sensitivity; characteristics that prevent fully enjoying a relationship who wants to be with a sad person?
  • If you have mirrors in your room, take them out, because Alfonso León affirms that sleeping being reflected is not recommended because our energy stays all night traveling between the mirror and us. This rebound of energy causes in many cases that we do not rest and we feel tired and in a bad mood. Normally everyone runs away from the bitter and in love if that more.
  • Closets must always have a door, keep it closed and must be orderly, according to Feng Shui, disorder brings internal chaos and this affects our relationships with others and with ourselves. We have homework for the quarantine: fix drawers and cabinets, ah! And see that the closet door is tightly closed “just in case” ha ha ha.
  • In addition, when it comes to attracting love, a sculpture of couples kissing or hugging cannot be missing in your room, and what I am going to tell you maybe you will not like, but this expert also recommends taking out the television so that you can rest better and you can wake up to find the love of your life.

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