New and used Bitcoin mining machines are for sale in this market

New and used Bitcoin mining machines are for sale in this market

FoundryX is the name of the platform dedicated to the sale of Bitcoin mining machines, launched by the participation company in digital assets Foundry Digital.

The market is not intended to meet the demand of individual miners, rather they focus on small, medium and large companies looking to upgrade or expand their operations.

Although the formal launch of FoundryX was made yesterday, December 8, the platform it was already operating for a small group of clients since last year.

The company has more than 40,000 Bitcoin mining machines of the Bitmain and MicroBT brands, ready to be delivered in 2022, according to reported The Block medium.

At website FoundryX, highlight that minimum purchase is 50 units. Interested companies can be registered there. Among other things, they request the number and type of machines, the location of the business, and whether they want to buy or sell.

They also announced that, so far in 2021, the company has achieved sales in excess of USD 125 million, with customers only from the United States, Canada and Norway.

New and used Bitcoin mining machines are for sale in this market
The platform has been in operation for about a year and plans to deliver more than 40,000 machines in 2022. Source: stock.adobe.

Even Foundry Digital itself has its Bitcoin mining pool in the United States and ranked first among the pools with the highest hash rate on this network. Surpassing its Chinese counterparts, for the first time, a fact reported by CriptoNoticias.

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Precisely, the United States came to concentrate more than a third of the Bitcoin mining in the world, displacing China as the territory that centralized this activity.

Why is it convenient to buy from FoundryX and not directly from the manufacturer?

While it is true that the trade in mining machines has not stopped, the FoundryX proposal wants to differentiate itself from the large companies that produce them.

According to Foundry VP of Business Development Jeff Burkey, factories require a minimum purchase of 100 units. Likewise, they ask for large deposits six months in advance of the scheduled date for the delivery of the machines.

While FoundryX, on the other hand, “can fulfill smaller orders and has flexible payment options,” explains Burkey. The platform plans to become the “market leader” in the Bitcoin mining sector, appropriately generating $ 2.5 billion, the executive added.

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