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On Reddit, but also on Apple’s forums, players are complaining about a new problem that appeared with version 12.3 of macOS Monterey. Indeed, it seems that many users are affected by the inability to operate their Bluetooth game controller with their freshly updated machine. However, everything was working perfectly before update.

This seems to apply to Xbox, PlayStation and SteelSeries gamepads as well as gamepads from other less common brands. It should be noted, however, that dissatisfied users are more likely to be heard. In fact, they give the impression that the dysfunction is generalized. Fortunately, some testimonials also report completely normal operation of their Mac under macOS 12.3 with a gamepad connected via Bluetooth.

Finally, in the in-between, we hear the complaints of players who manage to take advantage of certain titles correctly, when with others, the Bluetooth problem is present…

Waiting for Apple

For the moment, no update has been offered by Apple to correct this new bug. We can read in the comments from our colleagues at MacRumors that a restart of the machine in safe mode can save the day.

Once the machine is launched in safe mode, the Bluetooth controller should be normally functional. After you are sure of this, restart the computer normally again. Everything would then be in order. In any case, this is what some users claim.

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Friends players on Mac, are you affected by this problem of Bluetooth controllers? If so, have you tried the safe mode technique? With or without success?

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