New betas (developer) for macOS Ventura, tvOS 16 and Xcode 14

macOS Ventura

This fall, Apple will roll out macOS Ventura for everyone. In the meantime, only beta editions are available for the moment. What’s more, some are only offered to developersthe time that these report a maximum of bugs to Cupertino before the rest of the users can enjoy it with a little more security.

This is the case of the beta 5, arrived last night. We don’t yet know if additional features are on the way, but we’ll be monitoring social media to let you know if they are. What is certain, however, is that several bugs have been corrected for the occasion, particularly on the side of AppKit, the Mail app and Stage Manager, the tool which would have slowed down the progress of iPadOS 16.

How to install macOS Ventura beta 5?

This beta 5 is therefore reserved only for developers, you must have an associated account on the App Store. You have to pay 99 euros per year to take advantage of it, which some major publishers criticize. Then, you will need to download a specific “profile” as explained in this tutorial which evokes the similar case of iOS 16 developer betas.

Apple, for its part, not recommended to install macOS Ventura (beta) on an everyday machine. Indeed, we must not forget that serious technical incidents may still be in the game if they have not yet been detected by the testers. It is therefore better to favor a working environment dedicated to bringing the platforms into compliance with a view to the final version expected around October.

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Apple TV, HomePod and Xcode

At the same time, Apple also released tvOS 16 (beta 5), ​​version 16 (beta 5) of the operating system for its HomePod connected speakers and beta 5 of its Xcode 14 software for iOS developers. Here too, multiple bugs have been fixed.

For tvOS 16 (beta 5)we note these improved features:

  • nintendo-switch : compatibility with Joy-Cons and Pro Controller
  • Support for HDR10+ images
  • Hints : the Apple TV+ tab now offers richer trailers
  • AppleFitness+ : new intensity data displayed in real time
Apple HomePod

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