New clues in favor of macOS 12 “Mammoth”


The next version of your Mac’s operating system may be called … Mammoth. Yes, which means mammoth in English. So where does this unusual information come from? All that is more official registers, Apple having deposited this mark with the American organization which is responsible for protecting the intellectual property of companies.

In reality, if we want to be more precise, this is a renewal, the name having already been registered before. In addition, it is not Apple directly which recovered the rights but a company called “Yosemite Research LLC”. This has already been seen before, during the filing of several other marks related to macOS including “Yosemite” which was the name of its version 10 released in 2014.

Why this nomenclature?

Of course, it is impossible to know with precision the motivations of Apple which would have led to choose this name. We know, however, that the firm has been used, for several years, to choose Californian toponyms for the different versions of macOS. Monterey, the most recent current version, is located for example on the Pacific coast.

As for “Mammoth”, it would be a reference to the Municipality of Mammoth Lakes in Mono County. This hosts a very popular ski resort in the region. Not far away is also Mammoth Mountain, a still active volcano which sometimes releases fumaroles or even suffers a few minor eruptions.

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See you in June

Apple has a habit of introducing a new edition of macOS every year. Most of the time, this announcement takes place at the Worldwide Developer Conference, an event that, as its name suggests, is aimed primarily at third-party app creators. This usually takes place in June, so it’s a safe bet that you will only have to wait six months to discover Mammoth.

The list of potential features of this new version, meanwhile, remains unclear. With Monterey, the focus was on privacy, the Safari browser and the management of notifications. And you, what are the new options that you would like to see land in 2022?

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