new details on future M2 and A16 chips


A Twitter account already well informed of certain rumors in the past, ShrimpApplePro, ensures to know more about the new processors that Apple is developing in secret. For the source, the A16 Bionic chip should thus be engraved with a precision of five nanometers as is the case with its predecessor, integrated into the iPhone 13.

For mobiles that will see the light of day at the end of the year, this is mixed news. Indeed, some hoped that Apple would use the technology four nanometers of TSMC, its historical supplier. With in theory a better energy consumption. But this does not mean that the component will not be improved, since its CPU and its RAM will still benefit from it to gain a few points in the benchmark.

Better performance on Mac

For computers on the other hand, it is an even finer process which would have been selected since the Apple would bet this time on three nanometers. Under the hood, two hearts Avalanche and Blizzard improved and whose results could suit several machines in preparation.

Among them, the spectators of the keynote which will take place in a few days await in particular the arrival of a MacBook Air with a different design from the current one, a potential Mac Pro or even perhaps new MacBook Pros. However, the latter are more subject to caution given that a 16-inch and another 14-inch model were launched at the end of 2021.

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Outsourcing issues

Among the hypotheses that could be hidden behind Apple’s astonishing choice of five nanometers for its next iPhones, we can notably cite the delays accumulated in Asia following the resumption of the coronavirus epidemic. On site, several factories have indeed had to close their doors at the request of the authorities.

Let’s bet to conclude that Apple will often intelligently code its operating systems so that they reflect the power of motherboards with the speed of their interface. To do this, nothing could be simpler: the engineers have both hands on the hardware and the software, which is not always the case with the competition.

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