New KIA Niro 2021, first details and images

New KIA Niro 2021, first details and images

The Kia Niro has been a sales success and it is that many of those who did not consider buying a Kia, ended up having a Niro in any of its versions, either hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric.

A few hours ago, Kia revealed the first preview of the new Niro. Conceived under the company’s “Opposites United” design philosophy, the new Niro clearly illustrates Kia’s commitment to sustainability.

KIA Niro 2021 rear

According to Kia, the second generation Kia Niro offers a design that combines respect for the environment with fun and pleasure to drive.

The exterior of the new Niro extends the bold design elements first shown in the concept Habaniro 2019. The sleek and daring crossover embodies the Habaniro’s adventurous attitude, with a sharp, technologically advanced two-tone body.

Inside, the original asymmetrical dashboard combines horizontal and diagonal shapes to embody the design cues of “Opposites United”.

Kia Niro interior

The new Niro will be presented at the Seoul Mobility Hall this year at 11:30 AM KST (03:30 AM CET) on November 25.

Source | KIA

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