new low priced sports cars

new low priced sports cars

We were anxious to know the new offer of Lego Speed ​​Champions 2022. Far from being just toys for children, the company’s creations stand out for decorating the shelves of young and old automotive fans. This year, elite sports cars are once again the main protagonists.

For now we know only a few of the new models in the Lego Speed ​​Champions product portfolio. One of the most interesting is the 592-piece package of the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Y Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro. Of the two models, the Valkyrie AMR Pro is particularly striking for its bright green finish.

new low priced sports cars

This contrasts with the red details. It may not have the same complex aerodynamics at its core as the actual supercar, but it’s undeniable that the package looks very good. Its price is €39.99. Another of the new additions to the range are the Lamborghini Countach, lotus evija Y Ferrari 512M.

They are priced at €19.99 each. The Ferrari 512 M boasts a classic red finish; while the Countach is painted white and the Evija stands out thanks to its green and yellow paint scheme. The five new sets with a total of seven cars will join Lego’s most affordable series for motor lovers on March 1, 2022.

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new low priced sports cars

The most interesting of Lego Speed ​​​​Champions 2022

The most interesting set of the new offer from the Danish manufacturer is undoubtedly the one that includes the single-seater Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes F1 of the 2021 season and the next Mercedes-AMG Project One. The two Mercedes models come in a package and are very reasonably priced from €29.99.

The Formula 1 Lego model comes complete with all the vital parts that make up a modern Formula 1 car, including the front wing, halo and rear wing. It even boasts Pirelli tires. As for the Mercedes-AMG Project One, it’s reasonably well detailed.

new low priced sports cars

What’s more, it sports the same livery as the car did when it was first introduced in 2017. In total, the package consists of 564 parts. The toymaker has already confirmed that throughout 2022 we will see more cars arrive in the catalog from Lego Speed ​​Champions. We are waiting to see what it is.

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