New MacBook M2 Pros on their way to fall

MacBook Pro concept

If you read Mark Gurman’s usual newsletter, power-on, you probably noticed that last Sunday’s free edition was relatively poor in new information. This time, it was therefore necessary to look at its paid version to try to find out more. We thus learn that Apple would aim for this fall to launch two new MacBook Pros, or even spring 2023 at the latest.

Under the hood, laptops would be entitled to two unsurprisingly numbered chips M2 Pro and M2 Max. The machines would offer formats of 14 and 16 inches and will therefore succeed the same diagonals which also appeared in the last quarter of last year. Their most notable feature being the notch, which is likely to be retained.

More production issues!

If the range for the release schedule is so wide, it’s apparently because Apple is still having problems with its supply chain. It must be said that in Asia the situation seems to have just begun to improve, since the double crisis coronavirus / shortage of processors penalized local factories. On site, Foxconn notably assembles tens of millions of iPhones each semester.

As for future MacBook Pros, Gurman believes they will come with a better graphics card, perhaps thanks to a fineness of engraving in three nanometers. For comparison, the all-new MacBook Pro M2 is billed as up to 1.4 times faster than its predecessor according to the manufacturer. Its GPU is divided into 10 cores, where the M1 Pro and M1 Max go from 14 to 32 depending on the configuration chosen at purchase.

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What else in 2022?

If Apple does present two new MacBook Pros, these could be announced during the usual keynote of september from the firm to the apple. It is also possible that several conferences will be organized as during the COVID-19 pandemic; in this case an event focused on Macs is a hypothesis to be taken into account.

Otherwise, two iPhone 14s and two iPhone 14 Pros are also expected during this period, as well as potential clues to a virtual reality headset, still under development internally. Place your bets.

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