new MacBook Pro with Mini-LED display?

Quel MacBook Pro choisir 2021

Apple has been interested in Mini-LED screen technology for several years. The latter is already present in the iPad Pro, but also the screens of the high-end computers of the Cupertino company: the MacBook Pro. The latter, in their 2021 versions of 14 and 16 inches (those with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips) also have the right to a Mini-LED screen. But according to the analyst of the apple brand Ming-Chi Kuo, these screens are still likely to make the heyday of Apple computers.

Indeed, the firm’s expert who works for TF Securities explains that the Apple brand has increased the production of these Mini-LED screens in anticipation of an important announcement which should take place by the end. of year. According to Kuo ” Apple continues to aggressively expand supply chain capacity for Mini-LED Displays for the MacBook Pro, with the goal of increasing 20-30%.”

From a commercial point of view, the bet seems winning for Apple. In fact, in the fourth quarter of 2021, sales of products with a Mini-LED screen exceeded those of products with an OLED screen. According to the first rumors that have already reached us, Apple intends to present a new version of its MacBook Pro in the coming months. The high-end laptop should be equipped with an M2 processor, and therefore, a Mini-LED screen.

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Mac Studio and Studio Display: are they selling well?

In the rest of his report, Kuo provides an update on Mac Studio and Studio Display sales. According to the analyst, Apple should be able to sell between 500,000 and 600,000 Mac Studios in the coming months. A figure which is difficult to compare as the product is new for Apple, which comes to be placed just above the Mac mini and other MacBooks.

But Apple’s high-powered computer isn’t intended for large, networked businesses either. The latter generally favor Mac Pros with their Intel processors, suitable for all software and easier to connect to each other.

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