New Major Google Algorithm Update!

New Major Google Algorithm Update!

On December 03, 2020, Danny Sullivan of Google officially announced the deployment of a major update to the core of Google’s natural search results management algorithm. Called the December Google Core Update, this algorithmic update will most likely be the last of the year! Here’s what you need to know about it and how to straighten the bar if you’re impacted.

Since when has the December Google Core Update been deployed?

This Agorithm update has started its deployment December 03, 2020 but the first effects were felt from the 04 December 2020 if we are to believe in particular the SEMrush Sensor:

How long should we wait before seeing the effects of Google’s algorithmic update of December 2020?

Like each major update to Google’s algorithm, the Google Core Update December 2020 will put between 1 week and 2 weeks to be fully deployed all over the world.

While some will see both positive and negative effects almost instantly, most SEOs and web marketers must be patient in determining whether this new Google algorithmic update has been beneficial or harmful for their SEO rankings on Google.

What if your site is negatively impacted by the Google December Core Update?

Analyze, prioritize, clean and work.

SEO in 2020 is not as complicated as it seems, in reality if you’ve been paying attention to the few points listed in the section below for a long time, you should normally do well in most cases ( and for most future algorithmic updates from Google).

Of course, if you have resorted to “dangerous” and “border-line” SEO practices such as:

  • cloaking,
  • netlinking on overly optimized anchors,
  • automated content generation,
  • publication of stolen or duplicated content,
  • automated netlinking strategy,
  • webspam on comments, forums, directories, press releases… (yes it still exists).

The risks of a sharp drop during an update of the core of the Google Agorithm are greater, even if you are good or very good in the other points listed above.

What are the priority areas to work on for the next Google Core updates?

If you are not yet at the maximum of what you think you can do in one of the points below and you notice a decrease in your SEO positions, these will be the priority areas to work on in 2021/22:

  • Content is king, content is king : work on your content and cover in detail all the subjects linked directly or indirectly to your theme, your site will only be stronger and more stable.
  • Avoid duplicate content at all costs : Google has not liked this for several years and it is not about to change.
  • Optimizes crawl and indexing : optimize your internal mesh, the depth of your site and the management of the pages to be indexed / deindexed.
  • Optimizes mobile web performance : optimize the loading time of your website, especially on mobile.
  • Think SXO (SEO and UX) and no longer SEO-first : offers an irreproachable user experience in addition to content that makes all the difference.

Google Core Updates: What are Google’s official recommendations?

If you have not yet consulted this Google help page regarding the official search engine recommendations related to algorithmic updates, I invite you to read it (article in English): .com / search / blog / 2019/08 / core-updates

They review the main questions to ask yourself to identify why a site could be penalized by an algorithmic update from Google while emphasizing the content and the focus that webmasters must make on this point.

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