New major twist in the #AppleToo affair

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Based on information from The Verge repeated by many foreign media, Janneke Parrish was thanked by her management for removing applications from her phone. However, she was in fact one of the leading figures of the #AppleToo movement which denounced sexist behavior within the company. This is not the first to be entitled to such a fate: last September, Ashley Gjøvik also had to quit her job following other revelations.

Among the apps that Parrish is accused of having deleted from his mobile, we find in particular Robinhood, Pokémon GO and Google Drive. The behavior of the developer, who participated in the Apple Plans code, was therefore deemed to be against Apple policy. Internally, some employees have since expressed their astonishment and believe that Parrish could have been fired for revealing certain information related to the #AppleToo scandal.

Defense engaged

Although Parrish did not wish to comment on the matter to journalists, she has already hired a lawyer to assert her rights. He was able to speak, assuring that his client has indeed left Apple. Vincent P. White of the firm White, Hilferty and Albanese said despite everything that he could not provide additional details. It is also unclear whether union action will be taken, as Gjøvik has done in the past.

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Apple, for its part, has not reacted. It must be said that this mishap is blemish with its positioning in favor of “social justice“, Whose arguments are regularly praised by the management right down to the CEO himself. Tim Cook has indeed recently underlined the efforts of his company in terms of teleworking, a crucial subject whose progress is however denounced by the #AppleToo movement.

Parrish speaks

Via her Twitter account, Janneke Parrish finally shared Zoë Schiffer’s article about her dismissal. Her opinion is clear: the ex-employee thinks she was thanked for having “speak”Rather than for concealing any evidence or deleting supposedly confidential industrial files. It’s hard to know the end of the story then, but we’ll probably hear about it again in the coming weeks.

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