New power saving mode for the Apple Watch Series 8

Series 8 Concept

Like many wearable devices, the Apple Watch is able to hold a charge longer thanks to a mode called here Reserve and which displays only the essential. In the literal sense of the term, since only the time is then proposed. Unfortunately, this solution is quite limited since it does not open any application.

Also, Reserve Mode can only be turned off after you completely turn off your Apple Watch. Not practical therefore, especially if you have chosen this option for maintain autonomy in an emergency. But the fast approaching Series 8 could remedy this drawback with an even more advanced feature.

Power Reserve Mode

According to Mark Gurman (power-on via Bloomberg), Apple is thus preparing to present a “Power Reserve Mode” which would be similar to the energy saving mode that can be found on a smartphone. With so this time some essential apps available and always less electricity consumption than normal.

We don’t really know which platforms will be eligible, but it would be smart to offer access to certain essentials like Locate, which allows you to find your lost Apple devices. Ditto for Apple Plans, in case a traveler has trouble finding his way, or with calls to make if an accident occurs.

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Not for Series 7?

Unfortunately, it is possible that this new Power Reserve Mode is actually exclusive to Apple Watch Series 8 when it comes out. However, it should have the same chip as Series 6 and Series 7, and its operating system (watchOS 9) should be able to be installed on previous versions. Whether we are talking about hardware or software optimizations, Cupertino may therefore knowingly choose to leave certain models on the floor.

The Apple Watch Series 8 could be entitled to other unique advantages, such as the measurement of body temperature thanks to a dedicated sensor. Today, the Series 7 is offered at 429 euros in its basic version. Several materials are offered for the case, and users can choose the bracelet of their choice from hundreds of different original editions.

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