New record for AAPL title on the New York Stock Exchange


An Apple stock was trading for about 140 dollars Americans when markets close this weekend. A figure never reached before, if we exclude the stock split which took place a few months earlier. How to explain such success? According to analysts, iPhone 12 sales would have a lot to do with it: they could indeed reach 100 million models sold soon.

Of course, going forward with such predictions remains risky as the evolution of the various sectors of activity within the current crisis seems to fluctuate. However, everything suggests that Cupertino has for its part managed to go through recent events almost without batting an eyelid. Asian subcontracting circuits are still under pressure.

The Mac family is growing

Add to that more and more laptops, and the winning combination is out. A MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air equipped with a proprietary M1 processor would be part of the game for the current semester. Their price, revised downwards during the officialization of the current generation, would also work in their favor.

Investment in the stock market is also accessible to everyone now, thanks to applications with a simple interface requiring no technical skills such as the English Revolut or the more extensive Degiro.

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