New Rumors About This Year’s MacBooks

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Macbook Pro

When announcing its new MacBook Pro small format (14.2 inches), Apple did not stop marketing the previous 13-inch model. But according to information shared once again by @dylandkt, this is about to change. The account believes that this computer could thus be replaced by another 14 inch edition.

This would be this time powered by an M2 chip, and would see the light of day during the second half of 2022. Only downside: the price, which would then be increased slightly, without however being specified by how much exactly. Difficult to know more about the characteristics of the device for the moment.

Macbook Air

The other product which would also be entitled to a new version around the same period is of course the MacBook Air. No surprise here, since clues to this effect have already been published many times in the past. Among the most persistent, we can cite in particular that of a revisited design that some graphic designers have already been able to imagine with their own concepts.

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Moreover, here too, a M2 processor could be part of it. Its name is still a hypothesis, however, but it happens that more precise leaks from parts tested internally allow us to learn a little more. It is also in this way that Bloomberg would have learned of the code name of the next version of macOS.

Several conferences could announce the next MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, including the keynote of September.

Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

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