the New Social Network Lookalike of BeReal?


TikTok Now, the app BeReal from TikTok » is now available in France and Europe. Users can download ” TikTok Now and receive daily messages prompting them to post a “Now” clip, showing what they’re up to at any given time.

TikTok Now, what is it?

“TikTok Now is the new social platform from TikTok. Share your most authentic moments with the people who matter most. TikTok Now lets you post a daily video or photo at the same time as your friends. You’ll receive a random daily notification along with your friends, giving you a 3-minute window to take a 10-second video or real-time photo using the front and rear cameras. »


As you will have understood, TikTok Now is none other than a new copycat application from the French social network BeReal, which is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity across the Atlantic.

With TikTok Now, TikTok is therefore openly copying the BeReal modelwithout innovating…

Already in the top 10 social media apps on Apple’s App Store at the time of writing, the app is available for both iPhone and Android:

image 1

TikTok Now launched differently in France and the United States

In the US, TikTok Now launched as a feature of the main TikTok app, which is an interesting approach.

In our opinion, it would have been more interesting for TikTok to keep the functionality in the main application (where it could monetize it via advertisements), and not via a dedicated third-party application.

TikTok probably wants to test this different approach on “secondary” markets…

To see if this new TikTok application, surely less addictive than the first, will manage to break into the French market…

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