Apple Watch New sports challenge on Apple Watch for Thanksgiving

New sports challenge on Apple Watch for Thanksgiving


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On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Apple is offering users of its connected watch a sporting challenge. The Cupertino company therefore encourages us to run 5 kilometers on Thanksgiving Day. As a reward, Apple offers its users the opportunity to win badges in the “Activities” application or stickers that can be used in your messages.

This is not a first for the apple brand, which has been paying attention to the health of its users for many years. The first Apple “race” organized during Thanksgiving dates back to 2016. It took place the following year, but not in 2018 before making its return in 2019, and therefore in 2020.

Apple specifies that the distance can be covered by running, or walking, or while training in a wheelchair. The brand thus allows everyone to participate in the challenge, regardless of their athletic level.

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Health: key point of the Apple Watch

With this little challenge organized by Apple, the apple brand reminds us how important it is to the good health of its users, and to the monitoring of the latter. The Apple Watch is in this sense a model of its kind. It constantly follows the heart rate, respiratory rate, but can also prevent in the event of a fall, a very useful device for our elders, in its latest version, the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple has incorporated a new area of ​​expertise, calculation the rate of oxygenation of the blood.

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The latter is done, like an electrocardiogram, in a few seconds, and allows to have precise data on an essential factor of our health. Under or over oxygenation of the blood is a warning sign of health problems that can become much more serious if not taken care of in time.

Apple therefore offers a real health assistant, who perfectly knows the mechanisms of your body, through the months of use which have given it a large database to refer to.

With these sporting challenges Apple, encourages people less inclined to engage in physical activity to do so.

New sports challenge on Apple Watch for Thanksgiving

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