New Star Wars special “Behind the Mac” movie (video)

Star Wars Behind the Mac

As announced a few days ago, it is on May 4 that Apple unveils its new film “Behind the Mac”, titled: Skywalker Sound. This one comes out on the occasion of Star Wars Day which we celebrate today.

You can find it below:

Lasting 16 minutes, the film follows the work of experts working at the Skywalker Sound studio, a specialist in the composition of soundtracks and music for cinema.

We then discover the history of certain sounds from old films, recorded then microphone in hand and headphones on the ears by technicians who have become legends in the field for their work in terms of sound creation. We also see the work of those who are at work in the assembly of sound libraries. We can also see that these professionals very often work using Mac software Soundminerone of the benchmarks for managing sound banks.

In short, this is a particularly interesting Behind the Mac that Apple offers us here. What do you think ?

 - Official App
– Official App

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