New Update Rolling Out!

Google announced on September 20, 2022 the deployment of a new update dedicated to product and service reviews: the September Product Review Update. This update currently only targets English search results.

Only a few weeks after the deployment of the Helpful Content Update and a few days after the deployment of the September Core Update, Google launches a new update dedicated to the optimization of SERPs: the September Product Reviews Update.

Google core update

Google had announced that a new version of its Product Reviews Update would be deployed at the end of August, beginning of September 2022.

It is now being deployed with an end date scheduled for early October 2022, around October 4th.

This new version will initially only target English-language search results.

However, it is strongly recommended to ensure that your site is already in compliance with the best practices recommended by Google in terms of reviews so as not to risk a penalty when the algorithm is deployed for search results in French.

What are Google’s recommendations for not being impacted by product reviews updates?

Among the main recommendations of Google to not be impacted by one of these algorithmic updates, we find the following:

  • Put your expertise forward (understand: use technical or rare terms that prove that you master the subject).
  • Explain how to use the featured product and ideally present it with your own photos.
  • Provide quantitative measures to assess the performance of the product (ex: battery life test for a high-tech object, …).
  • Explain how this product is different from its competitors.
  • Introduce competitors’ comparable products and those that are suitable for other uses.
  • Present the strengths and weaknesses of the product.
  • Indicate the performance of the tested product on all decision factors associated with this product typology.
  • Describe details about the tested product and their impact on the user experience.
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