New version of Umbrel adds more functions to run Bitcoin nodes

Key facts:
  • You can download the Boltz exchange app for exchanges between Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

  • Additionally, the latest version of Lightning Terminal is included for managing micropayments.

Umbrel version 0.4.10 is now available to the public. With the new features added, the application that allows running full bitcoin nodes offers various functions for its users related to managing their funds and statistics for website administration.

The announcement was made known through a publication on Umbrel’s Twitter account. In the message it is explained to users that just log in to the Umbrel operating system to update it. Once this is done, they will be able to find the new apps available in the operating system’s application store.

One of the first improvements is support for swap or Bitcoin Lightning Network exchange through Boltz. This is an exchange that uses the user interface Ride-The-Lightning and, as he explains in his official profile Twitter, focuses on privacy and allows you to operate without creating a user account.

In addition, updated apps were also added, like the latest version of Terminal Lightning, a Lightning Labs tool for managing micropayment nodes.

This new version incorporates fixes for certain previous security bugs. As CriptoNoticias has described, it is a tool that allows you to manage Lightning accounts and channels from the web browser, remotely.

On Twitter, Umbrel reported with a short text about the characteristics of its update. Source: Twitter.

Finally, The new Umbrel update also brings the inclusion of Uptime Kuma, a self-hosted monitoring tool for websites. As seen in the animation that accompanies Umbrel’s publication, this software is easy to configure and offers the user all kinds of information about the pages it manages.

Umbrel and its updates in 2021

During the year, Umbrel has strengthened its product and presented its users with various improvements. Perhaps the most important of them was that of August, when it was announced that the server went from being a software to becoming an operating system in itself.

As CriptoNoticias reported, this OS was based on Raspberry PI OS, from Linux. In this way, it can be used internally for those who already have this operating system installed on a Raspberry 4 or later computer.

A few months earlier, in February, Umbrel had released another update whose mission was to improve customer privacy. This new version (0.3.3) also included a new graphical interface and applications for exploring the Bitcoin blockchain, as well as account management on the Lightning network.

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