New videos to promote the strengths of the iPhone 13

iPhone 13

Since October, the sales figures seem to be in good shape for the iPhone 13 if we are to believe analysts specializing in the subject. But these devices will still be on the front of the stage for several quarters, so that their manufacturer continues to highlight them in ever more original advertisements. One of the latest, published yesterday, once again underlines the effectiveness of the photo sensor of the iPhone 13 Pro.

Part of the famous series Shot on iPhone recently awarded, this quick short film of about twenty-three minutes was released on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. This is not the first time that Apple has celebrated this event, since some of its headphones have also been reissued in a limited series for the occasion.

Better on the battery side

In this second video, we can see a young man filming himself on the iPhone 13 for more than five hours, reminding us that the phone has sufficient autonomy to do this. As a reminder, the iPhone 13 is indeed capable of officially holding up to nineteen hours in a row in filming against seventeen hours for the iPhone 13 mini. Figures which, of course, are verified or not in real conditions according to the use of each one.

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Finally, Apple has also published a third campaign, this time dedicated to the robustness of the iPhone 13. We see a young boy more than abusing the laptop, without it stopping working. Thanks to the window Cermic Shield (Gorilla Glass Victus) which covers the front face, less sensitive to shocks than traditional glasses.

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