New wine bottle made of cardboard launched, can be refrigerated and is lighter than glass

New wine bottle made of cardboard launched, can be refrigerated and is lighter than glass

The most recent innovation in the wine world it’s a new bottle made from recycled paper with a food-grade coating. It has been presented by Frugal and debuted in Goccia canteen from Italy, used for its 3Q 2017 wine, a Sangiovese red with a touch of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Although the glass bottle is the most traditional way in which you acquire wine, there are also boxes, cans, bags, and plastic bottles. Now, the cardboard bottle not only represents a minor environmental impact they have a good esthetic, They are light, they can also refrigerate and keep the liquid cold longer.

wine bottle made of cardboard

A 750-milliliter cardboard bottle weighs only 83 grams, is made of 94% recycled paper And it has a carbon footprint up to six times (84%) lower than a glass bottle.

The Water footprint (water use) of the paper bottle, it is also at least four times less than glass.

Compared to plastic bottles, it uses up to 77% less plastic. The only 15g compared to a 64g bottle made of 100% recycled plastic.

For recycling, it only required separate the lining out of the paper bottle and place it in the recycling bins.

About the cost, Goccia canteen He notes that the Frugal bottle is comparable in cost to a labeled glass bottle. The wine with this bottle is shown in its online sale at 12, 99 euros.

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The Frugal bottle, which can also be used for other beverages such as gin, vodka, and rum, could therefore be introduced to various brands of alcoholic beverages on the market to reduce their emissions and attract a new audience of consumers interested in sustainability.

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