New York residents raise their complaints about the noise of Bitcoin mining farms

The American city Niagara Falls, in the state of New York, held a public hearing to collect comments from neighbors protesting the noise caused by Bitcoin mining farms.

As reported by CriptoNoticias at the end of July, the inhabitants of said city had mentioned to the local press that “Bitcoin mining is louder than waterfalls”. They were asking Mayor Robert Restaino to take action on the BlockFusion mining farm on Buffalo Avenue.

Now, in the Municipality building, the mayor gathered 49 neighbors so that they could formally raise their complaints in a public hearing.

“I thought it was a Boeing 747 speeding down Buffalo Avenue and it turned out to be the mining farm,” was the comment of Frank Peller, one of the Niagara Falls residents. Another citizen, Bryan Maacs, expressed: “earlier in the year, my house was invaded by noise. It changed my life. It is constant, 24 hours a day.

With the testimonials presented, it is intended to gather evidence to reform the zoning law. Thus, the maximum level of noise pollution allowed for this type of industry would be determined.

Nowadays, the bitcoin mining farms in that city they are governed by a very old lawprior to the rise of Bitcoin and the mining industry.

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Far from taking it as an attack, the director of BlackRock, Morgan Dae, comments that the company is willing to work together with the city for the creation of new regulations,

For this reform to be approved, must go through the Niagara Falls City Council debate.

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