Next-gen MacBook Pro stocks are hanging by a thread

Quel MacBook Pro choisir 2021

While the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros were presented by the Cupertino company three months ago, demand is still very high for the most powerful laptops that the Apple brand never produced.

With their M1Pro and M1Max chip, the new MacBook Pros have attracted a large audience, and Apple obviously did not think that these products, which are only an update to the 2020 MacBook Pros with the M1 chip, would meet with such success. Today computers are delivered in three or four weeks in the United States, a market yet more than a priority for Apple.

Configurations in spades

The very customizable configuration of these computers does not help Apple either, which almost has to work “on demand”, which further lengthens the deadlines. It is indeed possible to choose whether you want an M1Pro or M1Max chip, but also the storage capacities that go with it.

Each time, the Cupertino company has to build a new machine, which takes time. All this without mentioning the shortage of components, which in products as powerful as MacBook Pros, are commonplace.

This shortage is now handicapping the entire market for new technologies, the Phone 13 Pro is also late, and the automotive world, much more affected than Apple, has seen several factories close in recent months for lack of rooms.

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A much more interesting connection

Coming back to Apple, MacRumors also explains that the arrival of highly requested features on these new MacBook Pros is one of the reasons for their success. Indeed, these computers are entitled to HDMI ports, but also SD card and especially the return of MagSafe.

Connectivity has long been Apple’s weak point with regard to its MacBook Pros, the firm having chosen to put only a few USB-C ports on its products.

The elegance was there, no doubt about it, but these computers were real headaches to use, they which never had to be separated from their adapters.

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