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Next Travel is a travel advice agency, which supports you in the organization of your next trip! Travel counselors, travel designers or even travel coaches, the idea is to devote our time to saving you time.

Our advice is based on our own experiences (more than 50 countries visited) as well as on our research and our daily monitoring. We know it on the web, we can find as much information as possible, but it can turn out to be very long and time-consuming, on average to make a traveling trip we say that it takes 30 hours of research … And yes, 30 hours it’s huge when you are short of time or just the urge, we’re here to help!

Next Travel offers you personalized support to prepare your family vacation, your romantic weekend, your roadtrip with friends or even a trip alone. Our team gives the best to create the most beautiful trip among the destinations we offer.

Our subtlety is in the word re-ser-va-tion, you make your own reservations, the final choice is yours. Our support mission ends with the development of a travel diary with your booking links.

Table of Contents

Organize my holidays with Next Travel

By using Next Travel, an online travel agency specializing in travel advice.

Choosing our travel advisors means making the promise not to waste your time with preparations and to have expert advice to leave with peace of mind.

Next Travel

Getaway: to go to a single city

Roadtrip (1 country): for an itinerant trip in a single country

Adventure (several destinations): to make an itinerant trip in 2 countries, or a city + an island in 2 different countries

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Our travel advice is for stays of 21 days with a maximum of 6 people.

For information, we do not do all the destinations in the world, we let you discover them here.

If you do not recognize yourself in one of our trips or if:

  • you are more than 6 people
  • you want to make a trip of more than 21 days
  • there is not (yet) your dream destination

Do not hesitate to contact us here (contact page link) and we will do our best to satisfy you!

100% digital, Next Travel makes it easy for you, everything happens online:

  1. You choose your trip
  2. You answer our questionnaire
  3. You create your account
  4. You pay for the advisory service
  5. You receive all the information to make your reservations and take off!
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Prepare my trip with Next Travel

Once the questionnaire has been completed, here is the step that you are all waiting for, our advice! By trusting Next Travel you receive:

  • a detailed travel guide to your destination with all the useful information,
  • a book of advice to make your trip serenely,
  • your means of transport, if you do not yet have your plane or train tickets,
  • our list of 3 hotels adapted to your budget for the city or cities of your stay,
  • your tailor-made itinerary adapted to your desires, your needs and your pace, if you are taking an itinerant trip,
  • favorites, essentials, activities … And even addresses if you have chosen this option.

Once you have all the keys to a successful trip, all you have to do is book your vacation!

Next travel travel advice is:

  • time saving
  • travel experts at your service
  • a trip in your image: personalized and tailor-made according to your desires and your budget
  • a team at your service
  • participate in the challenges of our planet
  • assistance during your trip

Gift idea: offer travel advice Next Travel

Do you want to offer an original gift? You have come to the right place to please the lucky one! Nothing could be simpler, choose the formula you want to offer, add a little personalized note and you’re done.

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Next Travel, a solution for your corporate travel

We also provide advice to companies in the organization of your corporate trips: PR trip, influencer trip, product launch trip, trip for a shoot or even incentive trip … We find the right place for your event, the best organization, accommodation for your team, incredible spots and trendy addresses. Contact us ASAP!

At Next Travel, our dearest wish is to create unforgettable memories by concocting trips that meet your desires, your expectations, and your needs! We hope to see you soon!

To find out more about our novelties, our trips, our services or simply to have a daily dose of sun, follow us on our social networks: Facebook & Instagram !

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