Nicole Richie’s children begin to discover their wild past

Nicole Richie's children begin to discover their wild past

The designer wanted the earth to swallow her up when one of her two sons sent her a screenshot of a racy video she posted in 2016 during a bachelorette party.

Every parent’s nightmare is for their teens to unearth the most shameful or savage moments from their own past, and in the case of Nicole richie, yours will not need to investigate too much to discover them, because at the time they were perfectly documented in reality ‘The Simple Life’.

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Nicole Richie’s children begin to discover their wild past

By now, one of his two sons has come across a video of Snapchat that her famous mother recorded during a bachelorette party in 2016, using one of the platform’s filters to turn herself into a kitten and perform racy pranks that included mentions – and images – to male members.

“Help! I have two pre-teens and my posts from the past have come back to haunt me », revealed the designer and former bff dand Paris hilton in Instagram.

Your child’s reaction –Nicole he has not revealed if it was his daughter Harlow, age 12, or your child Sparrow, 10 years old – has been priceless, because she decided to take a screenshot of the recording in question and send it to her mother with a concise message, but that said it all: “Mother…”.

Famous friends of Nicole They have been quick to sympathize with their awkward situation in the comments section. Gwyneth paltrow was in charge of summarizing in one word what everyone thought when they saw what had happened to the celebrity and imagine that it also happened to them: “NO!”.

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