Niu MQI + Sport, an electric moped for only 1,299 euros | Motorcycles

Niu MQI + Sport, an electric moped for only 1,299 euros | Motorcycles

The arrival of electrical mechanics to the world of four and two wheels has had among its main obstacles a higher price than combustion alternatives, but brands such as Niu have opted to “attack” the market precisely on this front: the Niu MQI + Sport It is an electric moped with a base price of 1,999 euros, but whose rate drops to only 1,299 euros with the aid from the Community of Madrid.

Due to the limitations of the plan, cars and motorcycles equivalent to more than 50cc are excluded, but the Niu model falls within the parameters (it also complies with the limit of not exceeding 45 km / h maximum speed), which makes you susceptible to receiving the help of up to 700 euros. In this way, the final amount is very competitive for those who want to start zero-emission mobility.

Logically it is a model designed for the city that, entering the category of mopeds, like these, can be driven without a license. Its features are limited, but sufficient to function with ease in the city thanks to a 1,200W motor signed by Bosch and located in the rear wheel that is powered by a 48V battery and 1.48 kWh capacity, what gives it a autonomy of 50 kilometers.

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Its design is minimalist, with a round headlight as an identifying element on the front, small wheels, plenty of room for the rider’s legs, a flat floor that facilitates a comfortable driving position and a comfortable seat for riders. two occupants.

Another of its strengths is the technological section. Along with interesting details such as the USB charging socket or cruise control, what stands out the most is that it has a integrated SIM card Vodafone, something that allows you to be in communication with the cloud at all times, making it possible to software update ‘over the air’ of the moped and that, through a mobile app, information regarding its geolocation, the vehicle’s status or the remaining autonomy can be known in real time.

Niu MQI + Sport

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