No breakthrough is as effective against cancer as not smoking

No hay nada tan efectivo contra el cáncer de pulmón que dejar de fumar.

There is nothing more effective against lung cancer than quitting smoking.

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New technologies and robots that assist surgeons in tumor removal are becoming extraordinary allies in the fight lung cancer, but still the doctors are convinced that it The best thing to do against this disease is to detect it early and stop smoking.

At lung cancer awareness month, doctors and patients of Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston, considered one of the most advanced hospitals in the United States in 2020-2021, according to the annual ranking of the Best Hospitals of the US News & World Report, talk about the importance of advances in treatments against this type of cancer, the one that causes the most deaths in the world.

Dr. Philip Bongiorno, a specialist in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery with practice at several hospitals in the Ohio-based Cleveland Clinic network, said that robots and new technologies are helping enormously in surgical operations against cancer.

Advanced surgeries

Bongiorno noted that thanks to these new technologies many open operations are not necessary and that cameras with three-dimensional vision and “more precise micro-instruments” can be inserted into the patient’s body that reduce postoperatively and the possibility of infection, something key in cases of lung cancer, in which the only life-saving option is surgical

The surgeon can operate from a corner of the operating table next to the patient, observing from monitors and controlling the four arms of a robot that performs, under the doctor’s command, much more precise and controlled incisions.

Carmen Luidvinovski, a Venezuelan who moved to Florida almost two decades ago, unfortunately knows well the difference between the removal of a tumor with traditional and robot-assisted surgery since in 2016 she suffered kidney cancer that returned to her right lung in 2019.

In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, he suffered metastasis in his left lung and had to remove a small tumor, this time with a robot at the hands of Dr. Bongiorno. “There was no pain and I was only hospitalized for two days,” recalls Luidvinovski.

These operations with the assistance of robots began to be carried out 15 years ago, but only for very simple interventions. In the last ten years, that technology has come a long way.

These robots, used at the Cleveland Clinic Florida, have not only reduced the mortality of patients undergoing tumor removal surgeries, but also have improved the quality of life of patients after the intervention, Dr. Bongiorno celebrates.

Before these robots were used, the patient used to have to recover in the hospital for about five to seven days. Now, in one or two days the patient goes home and in one or two weeks he can go back to work, whereas before he did not return to work until one or two months after the intervention, adds Bongiorno, who insists that better than intervening for lung cancer is preventing.

Better prevent

For el doctor Diego Maldonado, Cleveland Clinic Florida lung medicine expert on lung cancer the most important thing is prevention and early detection.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide, explains Maldonado, and it is the cancer with one of the highest percentages of mortality.

A tumor in a lung grows without symptoms and when it is detected, in more than 75% of cases it is in an advanced stage. Only when detected in phase 1 (out of 4) is there a chance of cure and the cancerous nodule can be removed cleanly.

A person aged 50 to 77 years, who is an active smoker or who has smoked for 20 years and stopped smoking within the past 15 years, should ask their doctor to prescribe a low-dose chest scan to detect lung cancer, defends Maldonado.

Although there are genetic and environmental factors that can favor the development of lung cancer, What is truly advisable to avoid is to stop smoking, a habit behind many other types of cancers.

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