No favor to return –

Lucas Pérez, durante un entrenamiento del Cádiz.

No favors. Both Raúl Guti, in the words of the entire Elche dressing room, and his coach Francisco, have been in charge of ensuring in the hours prior to the Mirandilla match, that the ilicitanos will go to win. Everything comes from the match of the second round of last season, on matchday 37in which a saved Cádiz lowered the piston against the franjiverdes, who ended up winning and consummating (a day later) the permanence.

Cadiz Shield/Flag

the tables have turned and now those who risk their lives are the yellow ones (follow the match live on The truth is in Cadiz they don’t need any type of favor. Sergio’s they fully trust their options after having added four of the last nine points against three ‘coconuts’ from LaLiga such as Barcelona, ​​Athletic and Seville; and a victory against Elche could leave things very much on track. For the game, Alcaraz will remain lowwho is still recovering from his injury and after the good image the team showed against Sevilla, Sergio could repeat team. The doubt would be in the possible return of Chust, by Fali.

Shield/Flag Elche

Elche, as we say, travels to Mirandilla with the sole objective of winning. The franjiverde victory would give the right to lower the blind and think about next season in the First Division. There will be changes in the starting eleven and the doubts are in defense, with two or three central defenders (in this case, with the presence of Barragán) and on the left wing with the loss of Olaza and Mojica’s physical problems.

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match keys

expected full

The Cadista fans responded to the 3×1 promotion and a full house is expected at the Mirandilla. Elche had 100 tickets and they returned 60.

The defense

The ilicitanos will have to improvise in the axis of the defense and in the left band due to the casualties.

good opponent

Cádiz has a favorable record at home against Elche: 15 wins, five draws and two losses.

aces to follow

Lucas Perez

Add three days marking and faces his former team. You don’t lack motivation.

Eze Ponce

He has four games left to convince Bragarnik that his signing is worth it. He only adds one goal.

Ups and downs

In Cádiz there is a list of 23, so a discard will be made. Andone returns and Haroyan and Alcaraz are still out due to injury. In Elche, Enzo Roco was dropped due to suspension; injured: Gonzalo Verdú, Lucas Boyé and Olaza. The reserve team players John Chetauya and Lluís Andreu travel.




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