No iOS 16 for iPhone SE and other successful models?


Analyzing the source code of iOS 15.5 in beta version, 9to5Mac discovered an interesting mention within the app AppleNews. We can read there that some features of the platform will not be available without iOS 16, but more. Indeed, a message specifies that it will no longer be supported on old devices…

However, as some know News is a pre-installed app on iPhones in the same way as Messages, the App Store, Locate, Photos or the Calendar. The service is certainly not available in France, but it is indeed the case in other countries. Logically, this therefore leads to the conclusion that iOS 16 will be reserved for certain recent mobiles.

A rather revealing history

We also know that Apple has a habit of no longer deploying major updates for its iPhones after about five years (maximum). Since 2019, however, the rule was an exception because the first generation iPhone SE or the iPhone 6s were entitled to iOS 14 and iOS 16. But these mobiles are starting to get old…

Indeed, they only have 2 GB of RAM and run with an A9 processor clocked at 1.85 GHz. Either much lower performance than those of current iPhones, and which therefore risk seriously compromising the speed of increasingly demanding applications. Standards evolve, publishers develop accordingly; previously award-winning components become obsolete.

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And the environment then?

The access of the first iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to iOS 15 was still perhaps more than a simple gesture in favor of consumers. We know that Apple aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Blocking the intercompatibility of aging smartphones could then compromise this strategy…

In addition, you should know that some products like the iPhone 7, which also dates from 2016, continue to sell quite well in refurbished and for a pittance. It would be a shame not to be able to take advantage of it anymore, especially when you know that the beast is nothing more than an iPhone SE 3, minus the A15 chip.

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