No iPhone 14 under a thousand euros: serious price increase


Daniel Ives, analyst serving on behalf of Wedbush Securities, regularly publishes its predictions for future Apple products. During an interview with the sulphurous British magazine The Sunthe expert thus mentioned the case of the iPhone 14. Emblematic models of the apple brand, these should land at the end of 2022 and be equipped with iOS 16 and all its new features.

For the researcher, the next flagship mobiles of Cupertino could see their price increased by 100 dollars. As a reminder, today the iPhone 13 mini is the cheapest of its generation, but this small format should not be resumed this year. The price of the “classic” iPhone 13 reaches 909 euros in France (799 dollars in the United States). With this change, it would therefore be theoretically impossible to afford the next version without spending a thousand euros at least…

The fault of the subcontractors

For Ives, the whole production chain would be to blame because of a general increase in prices on his side. It must be said that the situation is not looking good in Asia, with an increase in coronavirus contaminations several weeks upstream, forcing a review of the entire human resources strategy of certain suppliers. Likewise, a significant shortage of components limits deliveries of processors, essential parts of our electronic devices.

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Daniel Ives’ estimates are further corroborated by those of another renowned industry analyst, namely Ben Wood (CCS Insight). Of course, however, these are still only assumptions and we will only be able to get to the bottom of it during the keynote this fall when Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 14.

Concern in Europe

Wood also accuses the course of the pound sterling, which has been particularly volatile against the US dollar in recent months. A scenario that is obviously reminiscent of that of the euro against Uncle Sam’s currency: where you got 84 cents for 1 dollar in July 2021, this figure now reaches 98 cents. Unheard of for nearly twenty years, even before the launch of the very first iPhone.

Towards septemberApple is expected to present two iPhone 14 of 6.1 and 6.7 inches and two “Pro” models of the same sizes but with better photo sensors and a 120 Hz screen.

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