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The myth of Macs being invulnerable to cyberattacks has always persisted. If Apple computers seem a little less pirated than their competitors, this does not remove all the risks. It is in this sense that we must interpret the announcement of the ethical hacker Rachel Tobac.

A social engineer and CEO of SocialProof Security, she claims to have successfully hacked movie producer Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Mac. It was a demonstration conducted on behalf of the identity theft protection company Aura, in which the billionaire invests.

Valuable advice to protect your Mac

To achieve her ends, the leader exploited a vulnerability that has since been corrected on macOS. Concretely, she managed to make Jeffrey Katzenberg click on a website whose identity has been usurped. She was then able to steal his data, including photos, emails, and his contact list.

Even more problematic, the hacker was also able to activate the Mac’s microphone, without her user being informed.

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The demonstration does not stop there, since her husband Evan Tobac, also an ethical hacker, has published information concerning a vulnerability. It is possible to carry out an attack using iCloud links. But this was only possible because the billionaire’s Mac was not properly updated.

Therefore, the two cybersecurity specialists advise users to regularly update their devices. Another practical measure is to use multi-factor authentication, which comes in the way of cybercriminals. Finally, and this is essential if you want to stay protected, you have to be careful and not click too quickly on suspicious links.

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