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Did Apple want to force iPhone 13 users to have their iPhones repaired at authorized partners? At the beginning of November, as these new models hit the market, it was discovered that Apple’s software blocked the Face ID functionality when the screen was replaced, for example if it is broken, at a repairer who did not. is not approved by the firm.

As the iFixit website explained, the only way to get Face ID back to work after a replacement was to remove the microcontroller from the broken screen and put it on the replacement screen. However, this required sophisticated equipment and a certain know-how. For their part, the authorized repairers had software to remove this blockage.

“An Apple authorized technician can get an iPhone 13 to accept a new screen with just a few clicks in their secret software, with no heating, desoldering or re-soldering required.”, could we read in the publication of the repair specialist.

“In other words, for those who can access Apple’s network, replacing a screen on the iPhone 13 is no different than before. For independent businesses, everything is different ”, also explained this one.

As the controversy began, Apple finally backed down, indicating that a future update will remove this feature that blocks Face ID after replacing a screen. And today the issue has been resolved with the iOS 15.2 OS update.

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“We tested it, and it’s true: iOS 15.2 prevents Face ID from malfunctioning after replacing the screen of an iPhone 13, outside of their official repair channels”, confirms iFixit, which had alerted to this problem in November.

“We can’t really say if iOS 15.2 ‘fixes’ this problem, or ‘fixes’ or ‘rolls it back’ because Apple won’t say if its threat to the phone repair industry was a bug. , a design decision or an experiment ”, also comments the specialist. The Cupertino company not having communicated much on the subject, we do not know what its intentions were.

In recent years, Apple has made many efforts to make iPhone repairs easier.

It is surprising that Apple has considered locking the market for iPhone screen repairs when in recent years, the company has made great efforts to facilitate them. In 2019, Apple launched the Independent Repair Provider Program for independent repairers.

In essence, it allows those repairers who are not approved to have access to training, documentation and original spare parts to achieve properly repairs. And this year, Apple is going even further.

Recently, the firm announced a program that will allow its bravest customers to have access to these resources to repair their devices. themselves.

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