No need to buy an iPhone X if Face ID is broken

iPhone X

Apple products can sometimes be a little temperamental when it comes to repairing them safely. The manufacturer has a habit of ingeniously solder some components between them, so as to invalidate the guarantee in the event of delicate handling. Which of course does not please consumers or French regulators.

To improve, Apple therefore chose at the end of last year to allow changing screens on iPhone 13 without disabling Face ID, which was not always possible before. And if that wasn’t enough, here is another mobile from the brand also entitled to a gesture of this type: it is the iPhone X, which arrived in 2017.

Only in authorized stores

The information comes to us straight from MacRumors. The English media would have had access to a signed message from Apple to its partners. It is specified there that Face ID sensors on iPhone X should now be self-repairable (this is already the case for newer iPhones). Previously, this maneuver was not supported in this way: instead, technicians directly replaced the phone with another, new model.

In theory, this should therefore be beneficial for customers, especially in terms of price and without having subscribed to an AppleCare+ offer (damage insurance) upstream. What’s more, this is good news for the planet ensuring less electronic waste on a large scale.

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How much does it cost ?

In France, the iPhone X has not been available in stores for a long time: the device was withdrawn from the shelves less than a year after its release, when its successor arrived. However, it is still possible to have it repaired in the Apple Store, subject to 591 euros without AppleCare+. Either more expensive than for the iPhone 12 or a refurbished iPhone X…

It is therefore better to turn to third-party resellers. To do this, you must remember to check that the stores have the status of official partner with Apple. This guarantees that the spare parts used comply with the brand’s standards and that they are original.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB

Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB

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