No new Apple product or keynote in 2021?

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According to Mark Gurman, the October keynote where we were able to discover the new MacBook Pros was the last of the year. A hypothesis that contrasts with that of another medium, DigiTimes, which journalists assured this summer that we would be entitled to three events in the fall. But it would not be so, which is not very surprising given the many articles that Apple has already been able to present this year.

The next of them would be a MacBook Air. If some expected in the fourth quarter, the featherweight would therefore rather be renewed within six to eight months. It would be entitled to a major makeover, the most important since its arrival on the market in 2010. Perhaps a darker keyboard and a notch in the program?

A bigger iMac!

In fact, the MacBook Air would go even further and come in a range of bright colors reminiscent of the last iMac, with more compact edges around the screen as well. The all-in-one computer could also be entitled to a new version in 2022. This is not surprising: the twenty-seven-inch model still on sale at the moment has not still had the right to the facelift of his little brother.

Both MacBook Air and iMac will have a proprietary processor, without hesitation. This one could be called M2 and would be less powerful than the M1 Pro Max, but we are not immune to further records on the benchmark side. Note also that Gurman also continues to believe in the arrival of another Mac mini soon.

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Mobile devices

Finally, the spokesperson for the rumors collected by Bloomberg also believes that Apple is in the process of releasing a third iPhone SE. We mentioned it no later than this morning: its appearance may change in favor of that of the iPhone XR, another success at a lower cost at Cupertino.

The iPad Pro, whose most recent edition dates from April, would also be in the boxes but it is difficult to imagine it with major innovations as the current tablet is already very efficient.

And you, which product are you most looking forward to for next year?

Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

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