No to the corridor to Madrid

Pasillo del Elche al Atlético en el segundo partido de esta temporada 21-22. La afición dice no a ese gesto al Madrid.

he is not rotund. A seamless no, in which players, club and fans go hand in hand. Because the first, that of the squad, was known as soon as the Athletic-Atlético finished. Oblak, Giménez, in his statements slipped: there was no desire to make a corridor. The second, on Monday, from Atleti confirmed: there would be no corridor to Madrid. “We are not going to collaborate in this mockery attempt.” The corridor understood as a humiliation, as an obligation. A posture that exactly photographs the feeling of his fans. AS has pressed the opinion of several supporters clubs and the thought is unique: no to the corridor.

Athletic Shield/Flag

International Union of Peñas

Eduardo Fernández, president of the body that brings together more than 250 supporters clubs, is blunt: “This is an artificial debate, which is born flawed. Before they were champions they were already with the rattle. The corridor wants to be used as an instrument to underestimate Atlético , as if it were a requirement. When Madrid refused (Zidane, Ramos, 2018) this debate was not created. Something that seems imposed. We don’t feel like it. We refuse. And the club, in its statements, is in line with the hobby”.

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The Flower of Entrevías

“I don’t even want to be crazy,” says Luis Fernando, president of one of the oldest clubs in Madrid, at 53 years old. “Madrid has not made a statement as a club, but among the people around it everything is joke, hesitate, with the corridor. Atleti has transferred the feeling of the street. The corridor is voluntary. Let them do it in the next game, at the Bernabéu, with his fans, not with Atleti’s”.

Peña A Feeling

“We disagre”. With the hallway. Nino Pérez, president of this supporters club in La Bañeza, León, is clear: “People don’t see the corridor well. They didn’t do it to us (Lisbon, 2014) and love is repaid with love. It seems good to me. The club has been very well refusing: he has taken the feeling of the fans”.

Arenas Valdeolivas

“There are three points of view,” Pedro Delicado, president of this supporters club from Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila), sensibly argues. “As athletes I have no doubt that the players would do it. Then there is the media, the noise for days. The fans do not want to be laughed at, and that is what they have taken everything for. But the important thing is not the corridor, but what happens on the field of play. The team is bad, without ideas…”.

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Peña Northwest A Coruña

“It’s being taken to an extreme…” This is Pablo, president of this red and white supporters club in Galicia. “Whatever we do, corridor or not, it will be wrong. And it seems that it is a humiliation to do it. And not like that. In no place, in addition, does it say that it has to be done.”

may 17th

“No resounding. No and no”, speaks Luis, president of this Madrid rock. “Atleti have been sovereign in refusing. Not to the corridor. Let them do it in their stadium. How am I going to go to mine to applaud Madrid? No, no. Absolutely no.”


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