no Touch ID, no notch but two punches


It’s a question that comes up over and over every year when it comes to the new features of the next iPhone. Since the iPhone X and the arrival of FaceID, which convinced the vast majority of users due to its ease, speed of execution and security, some people nostalgic for the “good times” are nevertheless pleading for a return of Touch ID on the front of the stage.

If there is no question of reviewing a home button to take pride of place on Apple phones, many would like the Cupertino company to develop a biometric unlocking system that takes fingerprints into account, but this time placed below the iPhone screen. An innovation that many companies have already managed to implement in the past, particularly on Android phones where several brands offer such a system.

No notch, but a double punch

But according to the latest rumors about the next iPhone, Apple has decided, predictably, to keep FaceID as the only unlock system on the apple phone. Indeed, according to information provided by analyst Ross Young, who works on behalf of Display Supply Chain consultant, the next iPhone should benefit from a brand new design. A great first since the iPhone X of 2017.

As Young explains in his report, the next iPhone should abandon the famous notch that has been talked about so much since its arrival. Already reduced considerably with the latest generation of iPhone 13, apple phones should only have a simple punch in the future. A punch that could be accompanied by a “hole” according to information from Young.

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A world first for Apple

It would be the very first time that Apple has offered this kind of design on its phone, and in the world of smartphones as a whole, if several companies have already offered more than one lens within a single punch, no one knows. separated the two again as Apple would be willing to do.

It will therefore be necessary to monitor very closely the next rumors, but also the releases of competing products over the coming months. If this design on the front of the phone were to be confirmed, several Android brands could release a similar product in the coming months in order to pull the rug out from under the apple and take advantage of the world premiere title in it and place. Apple, which should wait until September to present its product to the public.

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