Nobody can with Jonathan Viera

Nobody can with Jonathan Viera

Life is beautiful with Jonathan Viera. Of course for Las Palmas, much more for its fans, of course also for the television or face-to-face audience, its presence is an ordeal for any rival. Nobody can with the 21 of Las Palmas, soccer poetry in movement, weekly exhibition on the green, an improper deida of the Spanish second category. The midfielder sentenced the duel in an exquisite first half on a personal level to surrender to a meritorious Mirandés, who prolongs a permanence that seemed sealed.

At least for a few minutes well it seems that the roles had been reversed at the beginning of the match. Mirandés began to play with the healthy intention of crushing Las Palmasperhaps seeking to disconcert García Pimienta’s team, in any case skipping the established script. Neither that they had been fireworks, perhaps a trigger, the visiting formation quickly gave up.

It happened that Las Palmas shook off the visiting roneo without much fuss loading the game especially on the right flank, there where Jesé returned punctually to his appointment with the failures in the sung goals. The Gran Canaria team already dominated the match at willand in just a quarter well he was able to kill him thanks to a corner taken by Lemos that did not end in an Olympic goal thanks to Lizoain’s right post and a direct free kick that Jonathan Viera hit the crossbar.

Shield/Flag Las Palmas

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The 21 from Las Palmas, of course the most differential player in the category, is a total abuse with respect to the rest of footballers of Second. Every match is a recital and magic can be smelled for miles when the ball nestles between his feet, as comfortable as it seems anchored to his right boot. Thus, in the minute 18, he received a filtered pass from Fabio when he tried to face the rival area. In the absence of rivals to pass him, he released a right hand that slipped into Lizoain’s goal, once his teammate at UD itself. A great goal of an infinite talent.

The party lowered its revolutions somewhat after the umpteenth wonder of Viera, but Las Palmas kept rocking the ball to the delight of a Mirandés who seemed totally hypnotized. All this, of course, under the baton of Viera, who with another delight in the heart of the rival area did not make it 2-0 by a miracle.

The football torture to which Mirandés was being subjected could stop when Riquelme took a clear penalty from Navas that Valles, his tremendous moment, stopped Camello. In the protests of this maximum penalty, Cardona, who was already known to be injured, later replaced by Benito, forced the yellow card that, due to a penalty, will prevent him from playing next week in Alcorcón.

Shield/Flag of Mirandese

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Nothing and less was enough for Las Palmas not to go out on fire in the second half. What he could and did not know how to do in the first, sentence the game, almost cost him a misfortune in the next. He tried to move the ball as he pleased García Pimienta’s team, but with a pachorra that excessively facilitated the defensive work of Mirandés.

At minute 50, several cuts by Jesé ended in a great save by Lizoain, the best of his team. Far from slashing his throat for the game, or settling for 1-0, Las Palmas dedicated himself to taking a nap to the delight of his rival. The locals relaxed. giving life to a Mirandés who didn’t have her, Camello being so close to equalizing when the duel faced its last ten minutes.

The local host was entrusted and was very close to paying dearly for it. So much so that even Lizoain went up to finish off the corner that could have been definitive and that finally did nothing but certify the fall with pride of a dedicated Mirandés but without mordant and that, for the moment, continues without sealing salvation. Meanwhile, about a week ago, goodness of the calendar, Las Palmas returns to finish his homework in that agonizing fight for a place in the playoffsmaking Friday their particular party and incidentally putting pressure on Oviedo and Ponferradina, therefore forced to win this weekend. For not trying it that is not.

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Benito Ramirez (36′, Sergio Cardona), Alex Lopez (63′, Riccardo Capellini), Robert Gonzalez (68′, Alberto Moleiro), Maikel Table (68′, Sadiku), Sergio Carrera (73′, Iago López), Penaranda (75′, Jesse), Hassan (82′, Inigo Vicente)


1-0, 17′: Jonathan Vera


Referee: Alejandro Quintero González
VAR Referee: David Pérez Pallas
Sergio Cardona (34′, Yellow) Fabio Gonzalez (43′, Yellow) Imanol Garcia (45′, Yellow) Curbelo (83′, Yellow) Benito Ramirez (86′, Yellow) Alvaro Lemos (87′, Yellow) Robert Gonzalez (87′, Yellow


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