Nodal’s grandmother writes a strong message against Belinda and her mother

Nodal's grandmother writes a strong message against Belinda and her mother

It seems that the gap between Belinda and Christian Nodal will continue to generate great controversy. The reactions to the singer’s recent leak continue, because now it was his grandmother who decided to refer to it.

It all started a few days ago when Belinda Schüll, mother of the singer and actress, applauded a comment in which they called Nodal “naco”; After that, the composer lashed out at his ex-mother-in-law whom he accused of leaving Belinda “with nothing”, in addition to the fact that he shared a screenshot of a conversation with her ex-fiancée showing that she asked for money.

Now, her grandmother was the one who got into the lawsuit with a strong message dedicated to Belinda’s family through social networks: “And for all those who think that he is a naco because he is not blue-eyed and white-skinned, ladies are quite wrong. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing, those are fine rogues who in my land are called p… so who goes from man to man, sorry I forgot that it is white with blue eye sorry excuse you “Elena Silvia Jiménez, Christian Nodal’s grandmother, wrote on social networks.

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