Not even Messi gave credit –

Ni Messi dio crédito

From Messi, to the newsrooms. The press of all countries echoed the ultimate miracle from Real Madrid. A comeback to qualify for the final on May 28 in Paris that is now football history. Something extremely incredible, so much so that not even the Leo He was able to give credit to it, as his friend Agüero told. In England they called it a “nightmare” and flogged arduously -and hard- Guardiolawhile in other countries there was talk of “masterpiece” Y “the king never dies”. This is how the world told the white comeback against City.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Messi: “It can’t be…”

Omenincreasingly common in stream while watching the games and giving his opinion, he repeated that routine at Madrid-City, accompanied by Tevez. At one point during the direct he grabbed his cell phone and told Charlie Brown what Messi had just written to hima great friend of his, making public what he had told him. “Stop f*cking, idiot, it can’t be,” were Leo’s words, according to Agüero. Tevez’s response, by the way, was: “It’s crazy.” The main media outlet in Argentina, Olecataloged the comeback of “miracle”opening his chronicle with a: “There are intangibles that can be summarized, but never simplified, under the word mystic”.

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An ‘ir-real nightmare’

One of the strongest was the Mirrorwhich he titled “Pep’s Nightmare!” and in the same article he wrote “No matter how many nails there are in its coffin, Real Madrid never dies”. He too pulled wit the Daily Starwho summed up the white deed with a: “Just Unreal”. So much Sky Sports As the Guardian They illustrated it with a picture of Benzemawhile the Sun opted for a blunt: “Bernapow!”. Magazine FourFourTwo It was especially hard on Guardiolaopening with a season-by-season analysis of what he calls having lost “his touch in Europe” and adds “was it just bad luck?”.

Surrendered to Benzema

One of the most commented covers was that of L’Equipewhich he titled: “Surreal”. The media also praised Benzema again, which is not in vain, considering that together with French Football belongs to the conglomerate Amaury Sport Organizationwith weighing in Golden Ball. “Benzema, uncontrollable; De Bruyne, invisible”, noted in a second article that he distanced two riders for the singles title. The forward received a 7 of note and the midfielder… A 3. In Germany they also pointed out the coach citizen. “Nothing, Pep! The blow (which is spelled Klopp in German, they play with that word) final was from Madrid” and they called Benzema “Don Karim Benzema”.

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Cover of L’Équipe today, May 5, 2022.


Thus, with those words, he titled Tuttosportwho nicknamed Ancelotti the ‘King Carlo’. “Karim The dream he did not miss from the penalty spot and scored his 43rd goal in 43 games. Ballon d’Or numbers“, Wrote this same medium in its chronicle. “An Infinite Real”Title La Gazzetta dello Sport, assuming that the white miracles have no end and when you think that the one that just happened was the last one, “another one arrives”. The medium is one of the few that especially extols the figure of Courtoiscataloging it “decisive”.

Rodrygo celebrated one of the goals against a crazy Bernabéu.

“The King Never Dies”

In Portugal, the covers of To Ball, or game Y Record they had to talk The first chose to say that “the king of the Champions never dies”in addition to, curiously, emphasizing a half-page article with which Hazard was present at the celebration. or game was the least notorious, although he called the white comeback “epic”while Record He was really forceful when he said: “This Real Madrid is simply from another world”. Meanwhile, in Brazil, Or Balloon he called Ancelotti’s men to be a team “intractable”.

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