Not having sex makes you fat

Not having sex makes you fat

If you think you have gained weight because your favorite jeans are very tight, before you go to the scale and check it go thinking when was the last time you had sex.

Intimate relationships have multiple benefits: it helps delay aging, prevents heart attacks, makes you happier, it de-stresses you and, something that may interest you: It helps you lose weight.

Sex is one of the best activities for burning calories and keeping fit. Therefore, if you stop practicing it, you can gain weight.

According to sexual health experts from the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN), not having sex can have a significant impact on your weight. But what is worse, self-esteem levels decrease, you eat more and we burn fewer calories.

According to a published study, mens burn approximately 101 calories, while the women they burn 69 during sexual intercourse. The average intensity is higher than walking but lower than jogging, according to experts. Thus, the study stated that people who do not have sex are definitely more prone to obesity.


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