Nothing Phone (1) vs iPhone 13 Pro: photo comparison

Nothing Phone (1)

A few days ago came out the Nothing Phone (1), a brand new smartphone created by former OnePlus brand executives. Its main feature? A transparent design on the back, which reveals LEDs whose ignition is customizable to act as a dedicated notification based on your favorite contacts. Original, but the rest of the chassis looks just like an iPhone 13. Some will even see an apple-shaped logo on the back, which could earn the manufacturer some lawsuits to the Prepear especially that its sector of activity here is the same as Apple…

At the rear, there are also two lenses: a wide-angle (f / 1.88) of 50 MPx signed sony -the same supplier as for the Exmor sensors of the iPhone 13- as well as an ultra wide-angle from Samsung and of the same definition. Internet users therefore had fun comparing the shots taken from this device with those of the best Apple mobile in the field. Here are the results.

Better for Apple

What we see is first of all that with an iPhone 13 Pro you are more likely to obtain better quality images in low light conditions. Well-lit places, in this kind of case, however, seem to be better managed by the Nothing Phone (1) but all this remains anecdotal because the two smartphones are doing very well.

In another video, which you can watch below, we notice that the iPhone 13 Pro Max offers more details and slightly brighter colors. Overall, the mobile of the firm at the apple thus offers us a rendering more pleasant to the naked eye. Of course, this will also depend on the skills of the photographer.

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An unbeatable value for money

The Nothing Phone (1) still does not need to blush in the face of an iPhone 13 Pro or an iPhone 13 Pro Max, because its price is clearly more interesting: count “only” 469 euros in its version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. For 30 euros more, the storage increases to 256 GB.

For comparison, a 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro costs 1,159 euros: it’s quite simply twice as expensivenot to mention the fact that the RAM is limited to 6 GB.

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